Uncompromisingly Produced Sake

Uncompromisingly Produced Sake

Based on 130 years of unchanged handwork and the formulation of strict quality controls.

The secret of the special taste lies in the rice.

Our production site is located in a wide paddy area, known as its good rice harvest.Our Ginjo-Sake uses “Sake brewing rice”of local brand rice as well as that of Hyogo and Okayama prefectures as our best choice.

Brew-master’s experience and touch.

In a special temperature-controlled room, “koji mold” is sprayed over steamed rice, after which the “koji” is grown,thanks to the brew-master’s experience and touch.

Try Kankiku’s brand new taste, “Fresh and Pure”.

Strict temperature control throughout aging until distribution. Enjoy its fresh aroma and umami.


One with the sun.

We light the fire below the steamer before dawn. Then as dawn appears, the freshly steamed rice is cooled to exact temperatures to make koji or melted rice, yeast mash and kakemai.

Processing malt rice

Growing koji by traditional handiwork.

In a temperature-controlled room, well experienced craftsmen sprinkle koji mold (Aspergillus oryzae) onto the steamed rice, adjusting their delicate hand movements accordingly.

Washing / Soaking

The secret of the special taste lies in the handling of ingredients.

A highly sensitive process requiring decision-making by the second. For each kind of rice, processing time and fluid volume must be adjusted.

Processing starter(Shubo)

Literally, the mother of sake.

For two weeks, we grow the yeast under strict temperature control and monitoring.

Processing mash(Moromi)

A mellow fragrance ofsake fills the brewery.

Now the real process beings. Alcohol fermentation advances in a tank. Look closely to see the bubbles rising like a fountain.

Component analysis

We check if fermentation is progressing as planned daily.

Component analysis is indispensable in the fermentation process of sake production.

Filter press

An outpouring of fresh, new sake.

Sake brewing has finally reached its climax. When we compress and filter the completely fermented moromi or sake mash, fresh sake is born. At last, the craftsman tastes and checks its quality, and genshu or undiluted sake has been perfected.


“Sake, fills your heart”

Pure Sake and pasteurization, filtration, bottling We present sake bottling freshly pressed umami to each one. Please enjoy “Kankiku’s Sake”, which connects traditional techniques with the customer’s drinking experience.