Proudly offering specially tasting Sake, rich agricultural and maritime heritage

Kujukuri’s highlights are its breathtaking 66-kilometer coastal views and 1500-year-long history. It served as Japan’s major maritime base, directly governed by powerful samurai clans and the Edo Shogunate during medieval times. This led to the development of its local cuisine and culinary culture, based on a rich agricultural and maritime heritage, in particular rice, a main ingredient of Sake.Kujukuri has two distinct but equally important seasonal climates, warm and humid summers and winters of chilly Pacific winds. These enable and support the excellent fermentation of ingredients and brewing production, such as Sake, shoyu (soy sauce), miso(bean paste), mirin (cooking rice wine),which in turn form a Umami-based local cuisine such as “namerou”, a traditional fishermen’s boarding meal. Moreover, the area is the country’s leading producer of peanut-based products.

Kujukuri , Chiba , Japan

The 2000-year-long tradition of using molds during sake production to turn starch into sugar with refined flavors during cold weather in winter (known as Kan-zukuri) is still under improvement and sophistication. With amazing heritage, Kankiku is honored to offer its special taste, flavor and selection of ingredients from such a natural brewing environment. We hope you enjoy our Sake along with our premium local cuisine.

  • 酒蔵祭り
    The Annual Open Brewery Festival in MaySignifying our appreciation and commitment to the local community.
  • お米
    Local food partnership.Various premium brands made from local Kujukuri rice are now available.