Fusano Kankiku

Fusano Kankiku

Discovery Series

Knowing and sublimating our own sake brewing

Our company’s philosophy is to create sake that “fills the heart” of the drinker. What is it that satisfies a drinker’s heart? What do we have to do to reach this goal? This series answers these questions by learning about ourselves and sublimating ourselves. With Chiba Prefecture as the main theme, we will explore the four product lines of “Identity = Proof of Existence,” “Adapt = Adaptation,” “New Sensation,” and “Blue Sapphire = Sincerity. These products are limited to retailers.


  • Fusanomai 50
    Identity -Fusanomai50-
  • Fusakogane 50
    Adapt -Fusakogane50-
  • Koshihikari 90
    New Sensation -Koshihikari90-
  • Yamadanishiki50× Gohyakumangoku 50
    Blue Sapphire -Yamadanishiki50× Gohyakumangoku 50-

* Rice and malted rice are 100% Japan made.