Privacy policy

1.Collection and use of personal information
We clearly state our purpose for collecting personal information, and collect only such information as relevant to this purpose. In addition, our use of the personal information collected does not deviate from the purpose previously stated.
2.Management and protection of personal information
We strictly manage and protect all personal information gathered and do not disclose data to a third party without the consent of the customer. In addition, we periodically review and appropriately revise our systems with a view to preventing the unjust access, loss, destruction, manipulation, or leakage of personal information.
3.Governing laws
We observe all laws and ordinances applicable to the collection and use of personal information.
4.Continuous improvement of personal Information protection and systems
We continuously improve our structure and management systems related to personal information collection and protection.
5. Request to edit personal information
In the event a customer requests to edit their personal information, we respond to their request in a reasonable period of time, but only after confirmation of his/her identity.