Brewing Sake to satisfy the soul,connecting us all with the future.

Kankiku’s headquarters is located near Kujukuri Hama (literally meaning 250-mile beach), in a warm coastal suburb of Tokyo on the Pacific Ocean. In 1883, Gensaku Sase, founder of Kankiku, first utilized the pure local spring water, firm malted rice and sweet natural flavors to brew a series of dry and smooth tasting Sake varieties. More than 130 years later, we have introduced 5 major brands and 21 variations of Sake, in addition to finely crafted shochu and beer. With our cordial appreciation to all of our stakeholders, we have prioritized a concept of“Brewing to satisfy the soul”as the center point of our efforts towards eternal improvement and innovation, as well as various communication with our customers, stakeholders and our local community.

We are proud to introduce our concept and more-than-century long brewing legacy, as we match our products with the local heritage of Kujukuri’s cuisine, nourished by the mild Pacific coastal climate, to the desires and expectations of our customers worldwide.

Kenichi SaseChief Executive Kankiku – Meijo Co., Ltd.

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  1. Production

    We produce Japanese sake, shochu (a distilled spirit) and liqueurs. Moreover, we brew local “Kujukuri Ocean Beer” utilizing techniques from our time-honored sake making process.
  2. Sales

    Kankiku Sake and Kujukuri Ocean Beer is sold at department stores and retailers all over Japan and abroad. Our products are also available in our online shop.

    Online Shop

  3. Business

    We sell draft beer barrels of Kujukuri Ocean Beer to restaurants and bars. To obtain more information or to place an order, please fill out our contact form.


Corporate Profile

Founded 1883
Incorporated 1916
Chief Executive Kenichi Sase
Business Production and sale of Sake, Shochu and Beer
Adress Takenosato 11, Matsuo-machi, Sammu City, Chiba, Japan
Phone +81-479-86-3050 to Japan
Facsimile +81-479-86-3123 to Japan


1883 Founded and launched local-based Sake production
1916 Incorporated as a limited partnership company
1976 Main Sake manufacturing site and facility rebuilt and extended
1989 Commencement of production at new facilities of new bottling and logistic facilities
1997 Granted microbrewery license allowing for production and sales of craft beer
Commenced operation of a factory-annex customer facility “Country Beer House”
2005 Launched production of sweet-potato based “Honkaku Imo Shochu”
2015 Awarded Gold and Silver Prize at World Beer Award(for our India Pale Ale, Stout)