The process of brewing craft beer.

Kujukuri Ocean beer is made with carefully selected ingredients (malt, hops) from all over the world and special spring water used in our sake brewing.Introducing the uncompromising process of beer brewing, passed from one Brew Master to the next over the past 130 years.

Uncompromisingly produced beer

  1. Milling Malt
  2. Mashing
  3. Filtering wort
  4. Boiling and adding hops
  5. Fermentation
  6. Bottling/Shipping

Sunny beach companion. Made with natural pure spring water exclusively used in Sake production over a century.

  • 麦とホップ
  • 美味しい水
  • 職人の技

We proudly introduce Kujukuri Ocean from Kankiku Meijo, a Sake brewery over since 1883, cordially made with selection of ingredients of finest malt, hops with quality natural spring water on its land , a root of a 200-year old persimmon tree,originally used for Sake production. We hope you enjoy our Japanese legacy quality of Sake brew master passed on 130 years.

Milling Malt

Our malt, carefully selected from producers all over the globe.

The beer production starts here.
We closely inspect the crushed malts with our own eyes to confirm their fineness.


Through precise temperature control, we break down the starch into glucose.

Milled malt is mixed with warm water, after which the temperature is progressively controlled to where it can best react with the enzyme.

Filtering wort

Golden wort

Solid materials found in mush including husks are filtered and golden wort runs through the pipes.
When the wort in the pipes becomes transparent in color, it is ready for the next process.

Boiling and adding hops

The secret of taste and the fragrance of beer.

Sterilizing wort, removing bruch from/in the wort.
By adding carefully selected hops, the wort is given its characteristic bitterness and aroma.
Boil the wort again to sterilize it and to remove any unpleasant odors.

Fermentation*Storage There are cases when we let the beer age in order to draw out its originality.

Brewed the same way for 130 years.

Add yeast to rapidly cooled down wort to decompose the wort into alcohol and carbon dioxide.
Under the control of beer artisans who have inherited brewing techniques handed down over 130 years.


From Kujukuri, Chiba to the world.

From Kujukuri Plain, we proudly present high quality “Kujukuri Ocean Beer”, made with a combination of carefully selected ingredients and craftsmen’s technique.

Kujukuri Ocean Beer